Love Is The Killer App

Tim Sanders


In Circulation

Are you wondering what the next killer app will be? Do you want to know how you can maintain and add to your value during these rapidly changing times? Are you wondering how the word love can even be used in the context of business?

Instead of wondering, read this book and find out how to become a lovecat—a nice, smart person who succeeds in business and in life.

How do you become a lovecat? By sharing your intangibles. By that I mean:

Your knowledge: everything that comes from all the books that I’ll encourage you to devour.

Your network: the collection of friends and contacts you now have, which I’ll teach you how to grow and nurture.

Your compassion: that human warmth you already possess—in these pages I’ll convince you that you can show it freely at the office.

What happens when you do all this?

* You become a rich source of information to all around you.

* You are seen as a person with valuable insight.

* You are perceived as generous to a fault, producing surprise and delight.

* You double your business intelligence in one year.

* You triple your network of personal relationships in two years.

* You quadruple the number of colleagues in your life who love you like family.

In short, you become one of those amazing, outstanding people to whom everyone turns, who leads rather than follows, who never runs out of ideas, contacts, or friendship.

Here’s the real scoop: Nice guys don’t finish last. They rule!

Language English
ISBN-10 1400046831
ISBN-13 978-1400046836
No of pages 225
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Book Publisher Crown Business
Published Date 22 Jul 2003

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