Bag The Elephant.

Steve Kaplan


In Circulation

"Bag the Elephant" is all about how smart businesspeople can woo and keep those all-important elephants - the big, make-or-break customers. Like its companion, the "New York Times" bestseller "Be the Elephant", it is filled with dynamic advice and real-life examples, delivered in an energetic, straight-shooting fashion that gets right to the core of its powerful idea - how to land the account that will put you over the top.

Here are six keys to achieving the elephant mindset and understanding the big customer. How to map and use a big company's red tape to your advantage. Why the elephant needs you as much as you need it. Preparing yourself and your pitch. How to negotiate with elephants without losing your profit margins. And how to avoid the five killer mistakes, from mismanaging client expectations to losing sight of the numbers.

Language English
ISBN-10 9780761145240
No of pages 188
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Wenner Books
Published Date 24 Jan 2008

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