Leading Through Conflict

Mark Gerzon


In Circulation

A New Model of Leadership for a Divided World As our world grows smaller, opportunities for conflict multiply. Ethnic, religious, political, and personal differences drive people apart?with potentially disastrous consequences?and it's the task of perceptive leaders to bring them together again. World-renowned mediation expert Mark Gerzon argues that leaders have failed to rise to this challenge. Our organizations, schools, and governments remain filled with divisive dictators and everyday managers, instead of what he calls mediators?leaders who transform conflict so that everyone can move forward together.

Through absorbing examples drawn from decades of work with organizational, political, and global conflicts of all kinds, Leading Through Conflict provides a powerful new framework for the leader as mediator, and outlines eight specific tools these leaders use to transform seemingly intractable differences into progress on deep-seated problems. Both practical and passionate, this book makes the tools of cross-border leaders accessible to anyone who wants to help create healthier companies, communities, and countries.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Conflict as an Opportunity: Gerzon may emphasize viewing conflict not just as a problem but as an opportunity for growth, learning, and positive change within an organization or team.

  2. Leadership Role in Conflict Resolution: The book likely explores the role of leaders in effectively managing and resolving conflicts. Leaders may be encouraged to take an active and constructive role in facilitating communication and understanding.

  3. Understanding Different Perspectives: Gerzon might highlight the importance of leaders understanding and empathizing with different perspectives in a conflict. This could involve promoting a culture of open dialogue and active listening.

  4. Collaborative Problem-Solving: Instead of a win-lose mentality, the book may advocate for collaborative problem-solving approaches, where parties work together to find mutually beneficial solutions.

  5. Building a Conflict-Competent Culture: Gerzon may discuss the development of a culture within organizations that is competent in handling conflicts constructively. This could involve training and creating systems that encourage resolution rather than escalation.

  6. Embracing Diversity of Thought: The book may stress the value of diverse perspectives and how embracing this diversity can contribute to creative solutions and a healthier organizational environment.

  7. Communication Skills: Effective communication skills, such as clear and respectful communication, might be emphasized as essential tools for leaders dealing with conflicts.

  8. Conflict Prevention: Gerzon could discuss strategies for preventing conflicts before they escalate, focusing on creating a positive and inclusive workplace culture.

  9. Personal Growth and Leadership Development: Leaders may be encouraged to see conflicts as opportunities for personal and professional growth, recognizing that navigating conflicts can enhance leadership skills.

  10. Sustainable Solutions: Rather than quick fixes, the book may suggest leaders focus on developing sustainable and long-term solutions to conflicts that address underlying issues.

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Published Date 01 Jan 2006

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