Sales Coaching: Making The Great Leap From Sales Manager To Sales Coach

Linda Richardson



Make the leap from manager to sales coach today! Sales coaching is a powerful tool. It can forge partnerships, cement relationships, and multiply sales. It can blast away at hyper-competition. Yet few managers have coaching in their grasp.

This book will show you as a sales manager how to: help each of your salespeople increase effectiveness and productivity; develop questions, listening, and closing skills in your people; motivate your salespeople to stretch beyond their comfort zone; teach your salespeople to self-coach; increase your skill and comfort with giving feedback; turn sales problems into sales revenue; strengthen relationships with your sales team; take sales training out of the training room and put it into everyday sales practice; create a culture that supports team sales; and increase the success and fun you have with your salespeople.

Here is the first book on the coaching process written exclusively for sales managers - a brief, concise primer with the fundamentals, nuances, examples, and tools you need for moving fast from boss to coach.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Shift from Managing to Coaching: The book may emphasize the fundamental shift from a managerial mindset to a coaching mindset, focusing on developing and empowering sales representatives.

  2. Individualized Coaching Approach: Effective sales coaching often involves tailoring coaching strategies to individual sales team members. The book may provide guidance on recognizing and leveraging each team member's strengths.

  3. Active Listening Skills: Sales coaching requires active listening to understand the challenges and goals of each salesperson. Richardson might stress the importance of this skill in the coaching process.

  4. Goal Setting and Accountability: The book may cover the establishment of clear, measurable goals for sales representatives and holding them accountable for their performance, fostering a results-oriented coaching environment.

  5. Feedback and Continuous Improvement: Providing constructive feedback is a key aspect of coaching. Richardson may discuss techniques for delivering feedback that encourages continuous improvement without demotivating the sales team.

  6. Coaching for Skill Development: Sales coaching often involves identifying areas for skill improvement. The book may offer strategies for targeted skill development, ensuring sales reps are equipped to handle various situations.

  7. Building a Positive Coaching Culture: Creating a positive coaching culture within the sales team might be a key takeaway. Richardson may discuss how to foster an environment that values learning, growth, and collaboration.

  8. Navigating Challenges: Sales coaching isn't without its challenges. The book may provide insights into common challenges faced by sales coaches and offer solutions for overcoming them.

  9. Data-Driven Coaching: Effective coaching often involves leveraging data and analytics. Richardson might discuss how to use performance data to inform coaching decisions and strategies.

  10. Success Stories and Case Studies: The book may feature success stories and real-world case studies illustrating the transformation from sales management to coaching, providing practical examples of effective coaching in action.

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Book Publisher McGraw-Hill Education
Published Date 03 Sep 1996

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