Data Sovereignty: The Pursuit of Supremacy

Lt Gen V M Patil , Lt Gen Vinod Khandare , Lt Gen Dr D B Shekatkar



Throughout history, we have witnessed several struggles, battles, and wars as each imperial power has been in pursuit to assert their supremacy and gain dominance over the wealth and resources of other countries. This 'Pursuit of Supremacy' is ingrained in every human, and the extent of individual aspiration to dominate others defines an individual's leadership style - while a dictator may be the person who with might of his resources and powers, forces his dominance, a benevolent person thrives on his ability of influencing thoughts or actions - on others.

It has always been a human endeavour to assert their domination over others and to ensure an unequal state where the weaker community is set to serve the dominant power's interests. This book deep dives into concepts and our narrative of 'Data Colonisation'. Let's do some context setting around the various colonisations that have sprung up in human history in pursuit of supremacy. A textbook definition of Colonisation is a process by which the central system of power dominates the surrounding land and its components.

The primary purpose of this colonisation was economic and to ensure that the conqueror had exclusive rights on the countries that were conquered and ruled. These subservient countries became the exclusive property of the conqueror - source of its cheap imports and unique export markets for high priced goods and services. The citizens of the conqueror were, thus, ensured an enhanced quality of life.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789389024029
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Book Publisher Penman Books
Published Date 28 May 2019

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Author : Lt Gen V M Patil


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