Python Machine Learning by Example

Grasp machine learning concepts, techniques, and algorithms with the help of real-world examples using Python libraries such as TensorFlow and scikit-learn

Yuxi (Hayden) Liu



The surge in interest in machine learning (ML) is due to the fact that it revolutionizes automation by learning patterns in data and using them to make predictions and decisions. If you’re interested in ML, this book will serve as your entry point to ML.

Python Machine Learning By Example begins with an introduction to important ML concepts and implementations using Python libraries. Each chapter of the book walks you through an industry adopted application. You’ll implement ML techniques in areas such as exploratory data analysis, feature engineering, and natural language processing (NLP) in a clear and easy-to-follow way.

With the help of this extended and updated edition, you’ll understand how to tackle data-driven problems and implement your solutions with the powerful yet simple Python language and popular Python packages and tools such as TensorFlow, scikit-learn, gensim, and Keras. To aid your understanding of popular ML algorithms, the book covers interesting and easy-to-follow examples such as news topic modeling and classification, spam email detection, stock price forecasting, and more.

By the end of the book, you’ll have put together a broad picture of the ML ecosystem and will be well-versed with the best practices of applying ML techniques to make the most out of new opportunities.

What will you learn from this book

  • Understand the important concepts in machine learning and data science
  • Use Python to explore the world of data mining and analytics
  • Scale up model training using varied data complexities with Apache Spark
  • Delve deep into text and NLP using Python libraries such NLTK and gensim
  • Select and build an ML model and evaluate and optimize its performance
  • Implement ML algorithms from scratch in Python, TensorFlow, and scikit-learn
Language English
ISBN-13 9781789616729
No of pages 382
Book Publisher Packt Publishing
Published Date 28 Feb 2019

About Author

Author : Yuxi (Hayden) Liu

  • Exploit the power of Python to explore the world of data mining and data analytics
  • Discover machine learning algorithms to solve complex challenges faced by data scientists today
  • Use Python libraries such as TensorFlow and Keras to create smart cognitive actions for your projects

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