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What if you could get whatever you want - whenever you want it - and from whomever has it? The Art of Persuasion teaches you how to get what you what when you want it. You would love to have that ability, right? After studying some of the most successful men and women in modern history, author Bob Burg noticed how many common characteristics these people have - and shares them all with you. One trait that stands above all the rest is their ability to win people over to their way of thinking - they were all persuasive.

Each of these life winners had a burning desire, coupled with great creativity, and a total, unshakable belief in their mission or cause. The focus of this book is on the art of positive persuasion - winning people over to your side without intimidation. There is nothing manipulative here, just skills and techniques that will reflect the fact that you really like people and want them to like you. These skills will help you with them over to your way of thinking. Presented in everyday, clear, and often humorous language, The Art of Persuasion leaves an impression on you that will last a lifetime - filled with one success after another!

What will you learn from this book



1. Getting people to do something we want without intimidation is the most effective and wise way to do it.

2. Persuasion is not the same as manipulation. Persuasion aims at co-operation, manipulation aims at control.

3. We must create a situation where we get what we want, but the person who we get it from feels good about themselves in the process, and thus co-operate.

4. A mighty person is one who can control his emotions, and make an enemy a friend

5. We do anything either for pleasure or to avoid some kind of a negative feeling or pain.

6. In order to create a situation where everyone is happy, we must help others feel good about themselves for giving us what we want.

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Published Date 01 Jan 2012

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