Being Love

Suresh Oberoi , Sister BK Shivani


In Circulation

We can each radiate unconditional love. We don’t even need to create it – we are love. But the flow of love is blocked in moments of hurt, blame, anger, criticism, competition or insecurity. These emotions have dominated our emotional space, and hardly enable us to feel our own love. So today, we rely on someone else to love us. This book teaches us to think right, enable self-love, feel it and extend it to other people. The central message here is that love is not ‘out there’, but within us.

A spectrum of emotions like attachment, expectations, hurt, worry, stress, fear or anger, which we use in the pretext of love, are analysed. The conversations also explore the fact that the parent-child relationship is not challenging – It does not need to be. As you free yourself from judgments and expectations, as you start thinking right for people, and as you accept people for who they are, you become a Radiator of unconditional love. You are one decision away from vibrating at a frequency of love … by not needing love or giving love – but just by being love.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789389143874
ISBN-13 9789389143874
No of pages 375
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher amaryllis
Published Date 26 Oct 2019

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Author : Sister BK Shivani


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