Caste & Gender Intersections

Struggles of the Most Marginalized

Hemlata Kheria



Intersections between caste and gender are dealing with the ways and circumstances in which caste and patriarchy work together. Caste system always acts as representatives through which the whole setup for the subordination of women particular lower caste women are constructed. The collective forces of caste tradition, patriarchy and untouchability have made lower caste women lives very miserable they are denied socio-economic, political, education, cultural opportunities and rights and still forced to perform inhuman, dangerous and unprotected work.

Further, the key criteria are caste attitudes towards lower caste women because dominant caste always claiming superior status of caste purity against the low or impure status of the lower caste women and committed sexual violence and atrocities as a punishment to challenges traditions and norms of caste and gender and assertion of power. The systemic factors of caste, patriarchy and gender controls over lower caste women are seen in their living arrangements, resources and livelihood, right to work, women’s rights over their bodies and decisions, controlling of sexuality of women, and revenge attacks.

Exploration of the various forms of deprivation and harsh reality of the caste and gender discrimination, violence and struggle that lower caste women face everyday of their miserable lives. Caste based discrimination and atrocities continue and widespread as well as sexual violence are rampant and controlling lower caste women as a way of taking caste revenge which means caste has played major role in protecting and maintaining their interest this mindset run through with hierarchical practices in society.

Though the increased control and violation of lower caste women’s rights are biggest characteristics of the intersections of caste and gender that clearly represent caste needs to be understood in gendered structure.

Language English
ISBN-13 9788193471418
No of pages 97
Book Publisher Peoples Literature Publication
Published Date 01 Jan 2017

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Author : Hemlata Kheria


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