Derivatives and Financial Innovations

Manish Bansal


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"A comprehensive work on the subject... the various issues have been worked out thoroughly and knowledgeably."
by Manoj Vaish President & CEO - India Dun & Bradstreet Information Services India Pvt Ltd.

"Touches all dimensions of futures and options trading, starting from basic concepts to sophisticated trading strategies, in a simple and lucid manner. I am sure that after going through this work, market participants will have a great understanding of this complex subject."
by MT Raju, Director (In-Charge), Indian Institute of Capital Markets, Mumbai"One can read this book like a interesting, informative, educative and fun because it focuses on conceptual issues and though provoking ideas on derivatives without involving the mathematical web".
by Chiraga Chakrabarty, Head-Research & Development & Training Multi Commodity Exchange, Mumbai

Part I deals with the nuances of the futures market, its terminologies, the uses of futures contract as an effective instrument for managing risk, pricing of futures, etc.

Part 2 introduces different technical aspects of options, It also elaborates extensively on the relationship between risk management and options.

Part 3 focuses on the process of innovation and illustrates how new financial products come into existence. It will help to analyze any complex product and to develop innovative structures for meeting the specific needs of market participants.

Special features of the book are:
* Focus on the Indian context* Complicated terminology of derivatives presented in an easy-to-read manner* Case studies to elaborate on the various theories and practices* Summary and questions at the end of each chapterThis book will be useful to financial analysts, brokers and students pursuing courses related to finance.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Derivatives Overview: Exploring the fundamentals of derivative instruments, including futures, options, swaps, and their roles in risk management and speculation.

  2. Derivatives Markets: Understanding the structure, functioning, and participants in derivatives markets, including exchanges, clearinghouses, and regulatory aspects.

  3. Valuation Models: Exploring different models used in valuing derivatives, such as Black-Scholes, binomial models, and other quantitative techniques.

  4. Hedging Strategies: Discussing various hedging strategies using derivatives to manage risks associated with price fluctuations, interest rates, currencies, and commodities.

  5. Financial Engineering: Understanding the process of creating new financial instruments or strategies through innovative combinations of derivatives.

  6. Risk Management Applications: Exploring the application of derivatives in risk management for corporations, financial institutions, and investors.

  7. Regulatory Environment: Understanding the regulatory framework governing derivatives markets and the impact of regulations on trading and market practices.

  8. Financial Innovations: Exploring recent innovations and developments in derivatives markets, including new products, trading platforms, and technological advancements.

  9. Uses in Portfolio Management: Analyzing how derivatives can be utilized in portfolio management strategies for diversification, leverage, and achieving specific investment goals.

  10. Ethical Considerations: Discussing ethical issues related to derivative usage, market manipulation, and the implications of complex financial products on market stability.

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Published Date 20 Dec 2006

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