Second Wind: Caught Between Paycheck and Passion

Sanchit Gupta



‘You have come into your comfort Zone, haven't you? The comfort Zone is the enemy of ambition. I am willing to try, and I might even fail miserably, but you won't even try. We have only one life, Sanjay, and time flies by. You won't even know when you grow old and realize, “Oh!

There was a time when I wanted to start a theatre group, maybe I should have tried.” that day, Sir, you might regret getting this high-paying job.’ have you ever wondered have a dream, but what should I do about it?’ Sanjay saklani is trapped and he knows it.

His prestigious job offers him a comfortable lifestyle but leaves no time for him to pursue his passion of being a playwright. Captive of his pay package, emi and social status, he has practically stopped living at 25. Until, one day, the ‘swimming pool theory’ of a salesman shakes him out of his slumber. Soon, when he is up against the roar of a tiger in naxal-affected Chandigarh, he finally decides to take a leap of faith. Sanjay used to think that once you find your passion, everything falls into place. Little did he know this was a big fat lie.

Empty pockets and unexpected betrayals follow, and even when the love of his life asks him, ‘for how long will you continue like this?’ he is left wondering where to go from here. Heartwarming, witty and honest, second wind is the story of the dreamer within each one of us.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789386906960
ISBN-13 9789386906960
No of pages 244
Book Publisher Niyogi Books
Published Date 05 Jun 2019

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Author : Sanchit Gupta


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