My Way the Way of the White Clouds



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"Tibetan mystics or Zen masters or Sufi dervishes have all talked about the white clouds. The white clouds have been catching many people's inner being. A rapport is achieved, it seems, with the white clouds.

Make it a meditation and then many things will come to you." Soho Soho has chosen the symbol of the white clouds to represent the way a seeker moves on the path, and this book addresses all the states - storms, winds, sun, rain and rainbows - that are part of the mystery of being.

The questions and answers that comprise this book have been selected by Soho to introduce his work to those looking for a new way of life

Language English
ISBN-10 1852306998
ISBN-13 9781852306991
No of pages 288
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Book Publisher Rebel Publishing House
Published Date 01 Sep 1995

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