Decoding 'The God' and 'The Religion' - (Volume-1)

Akhil Rajendra



Decoding ‘the God’ and ‘the religion’ is written in a format that is easy to read and understand, whether the reader is a 13-15 years old or 50-60 years old, a 10th grader or a post graduate. It caters to everyone in a simplified manner with the idea of not asking one to ‘believe’, but to understand, feel, introspect, explore and know the answers. Each line is written matter-of-factly, which will make readers feel like this is something they already knew, they already had inside them and will hopefully encourage you to look within. Evolution plays a huge part here in this era, so to help you enjoy the experience of your individual journey into the divinity, I do not need to make you wear the coloured spectacles of belief and dogmas. In today’s time, there already is so much information, and awareness, so many studies on physical and medical education, which are progressing every passing day. Social and judicial systems also get upgraded in most democratic countries, so I do not need to write a lot about it; that would be like rewriting an existing software as religion in a book or this series of books. All I need to do here is remove the coloured lens of belief and dogma, and open all eyes to understanding, giving accessibility to upgrades and updates of existing software, with the right intent, taking the human brain as the hardware. I have refrained from taking the name of any religion, sect or belief, or of their respective preachers, so that Opportunists do not mislead people from the right context and intent of this book for the sake of their greed, lust, personal gains and agendas.

Language English
ISBN-10 9390266769
ISBN-13 978-9390266760
No of pages 117
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 15 Sep 2020

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Author : Akhil Rajendra


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