Experiments With Meditation: An Integrated Western And Eastern Approach

Dr Jagtar Singh Grewal Brig



"Self confidence and ability to decide This book serves as a guide for a common person of all age groups and of all religions. It helps them to understand and practice mediation, effects of prayers and achieve purity of mind while going following normal routine and having a good family life. Written by a common (not clergy) man gives experiences both direct and indirect, in a simple language. Practical ways to achieve final objectives in life without renouncing materialistic world are well covered.Questions, which flog one's mind, are many like what is meditation? How it helps to achieve goals? Is it very difficult? Can everyone meditate? Do we have to give up our family and go to remote areas for meditation? Is it valid only for those who are followers of Indian religions? Is it all right to ask for alms? Is being wealthy an impediment to meditation? Is meditation to be done only during old age or during all stages of life? Are those who do not marry, in a better position to meditate? Does one have to become a monk to meditate? These are some of the questions, which this book attempts to answer.

Language English
ISBN-13 9789352017317
No of pages 138
Book Publisher Become Shakespeare
Published Date 18 Jan 2017

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