Dork Diaries: Puppy Love

Rachel Renee Russell



Designed for children who are about the age of eight years, the famous Dork Series has come out with yet another exciting title. This book moves around the story of Nikki who resolves to adopt abandoned puppies till the animal shelter that Brandon volunteers at has enough room to accommodate them.

However, her noble cause faces one little problem—her parents won’t allow a single dog in the house, let alone seven. So, Nikki has to make sure of accommodating all the seven puppies secretly in her own room, and take them out to school secretly every single day. Will it be possible for Nikki to complete the entire task? Or, will it simply end in a (p)awfully Dorky disaster?

This is the latest instalment from the international children’s bestseller Dork Diaries, and is available in India in paperback.

Language English
ISBN-10 9781471144608
ISBN-13 9781471144608
No of pages 368
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Simon & Schuster
Published Date 26 Oct 2015

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