Journey of Two Hearts!: Will be cherished forever

Anuj Tiwari





Can you sail through life despite its terms and conditions?

Anuj had never imagined that his feelings for the vivacious Prachi, who didn’t even believe in love, would bloom beyond his imagination one day. Just when things get going, as always, life’s plans go against theirs.

This story, in its simplicity and reality, shows us the importance of love, life, friendship and dedication to change the definition of these.

Journey of Two Hearts is a true story about a young couple who believes life does not have any “replay” or “rewind” button.

Language English
ISBN-10 978-93-80349-71-8
No of pages 226
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published Date 01 Jan 2012

About Author

Author : Anuj Tiwari

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This book is a true story which was written as a diary and completed in the hospital. This diary published as a book in search of Pakhi. Firstly it was printed on the paper and distributed freely in the colleges and public places but as it couldn't reach in the desired hand and then later on it came as a book.

In life at least once a person comes, changes you for rest of your whole life, just like a potter who takes clay, gives a proper shape and put into fire. After that, it's not possible to come in natural form Love is Just like that.

Journey of two Hearts is contemporary romance and a true love story of two people who come in contact unexpectedly. Story revolves around Pakhi and protagonist Anuj.

Anuj is an extrovert and my story's hero who never wanted to fall in love. However, he got his true love Pakhi, which he realizes, as their relation gets older and intimate. As the relation progresses, their love reaches and extremes with no limits, no ends and no expectations. They made a milestone in their innocent and unforgettable love story.

When world was sleeping those love birds were making the golden nest of love.

The love where was passion, care and dedication for each other. Holding hands, strong feelings and just love, they always walked together. Anuj was always ready to do everything for her. He was a guy of surprises.

Sweet but passionate romance changes their life and makes them happy every next day but life is not all about happiness and then extreme conflicts and a struggling journey starts.

Unexpectedly what did happen when the bird of desires said, 'I can't be with you Anuj, please leave me forever'. Why did she turn from that path?

What happened that night which changed everything and broke the golden nest of love?

All Promises Broke is a Journey of Two Hearts few promises gone undone. However, as Anuj promised that at every memorable moment, he would be there to give her surprises then why did he cry a lot for her?

A True Tale where love was there, but not more than sacrifices.

Loving someone is not tough but the real courage if to forget you loved one.

Sweetness of love only you can taste after wetting your lips with tears.

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