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Mein Kampf is perhaps the only notable work written in two volumes by Adolf Hitler, in 1924. Hitler was arrested when he took out a mass demonstration in favour of national unity for the formation of a socialist German state. He was tried by the Peoples Court in Munich and subsequently, imprisoned for thirteen months where he wrote the first volume. The second volume was written after he was released. This book will give you an insight into one of the greatest tyrant of this century, his political ideals, beliefs and motivation, and his struggle to consolidate Germany into one great nation.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Autobiography: The book begins with Hitler's personal history, discussing his early life, experiences, and influences that shaped his worldview.

  2. Anti-Semitism: One of the central themes is Hitler's strong anti-Semitic beliefs. He blames Jews for many of the perceived problems in German society and advocates for their exclusion and persecution.

  3. Nationalism: Hitler emphasizes extreme German nationalism, calling for the unification of all German-speaking people and the establishment of a Greater Germany.

  4. Lebensraum: Hitler discusses the concept of "Lebensraum" or living space, asserting the need for territorial expansion to provide room for the growing Aryan race.

  5. Anti-Communism: Hitler expresses strong opposition to communism and Marxist ideologies, associating them with what he sees as the destructive influence of Jews.

  6. Authoritarianism: Hitler advocates for a strong, authoritarian government led by a single leader, dismissing democratic systems as weak and ineffective.

  7. Racism: The book is filled with racist ideas, promoting the concept of a hierarchy of races with the Aryan race at the top and other races considered inferior.

  8. Military Expansion: Hitler outlines his desire for the militarization of Germany and the pursuit of territorial expansion through aggressive foreign policy.

  9. Rejection of the Treaty of Versailles: Hitler criticizes the Treaty of Versailles, which officially ended World War I, and expresses a desire to overturn its provisions, particularly those related to German disarmament and territorial losses.

  10. Propaganda and Mass Manipulation: The book reveals Hitler's understanding of the importance of propaganda and mass psychology in shaping public opinion and gaining political support.

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