The Off Site Tamasha: A Comical Tale of Team Bulding

Abhay Nagarajan



The dominating boss and the docile subordinate form Corporate Atyaachaar are back! In The Off-site Tamasha, a team of financial advisors are headed to Kyari for a relaxing three day company off-site. The team includes a dominating boss, his docile subordiante and a rich colleague. The colleague argues with the boss during the various team building games resulting in hilarious outcomes.

The predictably planned off-site changes rather dramatically, with the arrival of two mysterious women. They get the attention of the three men. Each of them is sex obessed and lusts after the women in the hope of a sexual encounter. What follows is a series of interactions-part comical, part sexual, part revelry and part debauchery with telling consequences.

What the men don't know is that, the femme fatales have an agenda of thier own. They have a job to finish... Who are these women? What do they want? Who will finally come out on 'top' in this carnal pursuit with the women? Will it be the married boss? ...The unmarried subordinate? ...Or the rich but rather ugly looking colleague?

Language English
ISBN-10 938034953X
ISBN-13 9789380349534
No of pages 271
Book Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published Date 23 Feb 2012

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Author : Abhay Nagarajan

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