Androids Vol. 2: Happy he who like Ulysses

Olivier Peru



In the 25th Century, the ISS Oxygen is the first deep space exploration ship to leave Earth with children aboard. Embarking on a 600 year mission, the crew and families alternate between phases of hibernation and running the ship. To take care of the young, the crew count on AC7+, a companion android renowned for the quality of its service and its unlimited database of stories.
Centuries into their mission, the ISS Oxygen is heavily damaged by an asteroid storm. Unable to continue, their only hope is to return to Earth... But the distance means only two aboard will survive, AC7+ and Ulysses, a newborn child. It is up to AC7+ to raise the boy and get them home.

Language English
No of pages 50
Book Publisher Open Door Publications
Published Date 18 Jan 2017

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Author : Olivier Peru


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