The Clinton Wars: An Insider's Account Of The White House Years..

Sidney Bluementhal


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The Clinton Wars is the remarkable story of the Clinton White House, as told through the eyes of Sidney Blumenthal, Assistant to the President from 1997-2001. A long-standing friend, adviser and confidant to the Clintons, Blumenthal's unique position in the White House secured him direct access not only to such scenes as the inside of Air Force One, and the sealed Senate impeachment hearing room, but also to the minds of those making crucial decisions. Offering far more than revealing anecdotesand insider stories, this memoir stands as an important work on American politics and a central and essential reference for all future historians.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Political Battles: The book delves into the various political battles that occurred during Clinton's presidency, both within the administration and with external forces, including the Republican opposition.

  2. Monica Lewinsky Scandal: A significant portion of the book covers the Monica Lewinsky scandal, shedding light on the internal dynamics, decision-making, and public relations strategies during this turbulent time.

  3. Whitewater Controversy: Blumenthal explores the Whitewater controversy, a real estate controversy involving the Clintons, and its impact on Clinton's presidency.

  4. Partisan Divide: The book highlights the deep partisan divide during the Clinton years, with Republicans fiercely opposing many of Clinton's policies and actions.

  5. Impeachment Proceedings: Blumenthal provides insights into the impeachment proceedings against Clinton, detailing the events leading up to the House of Representatives' decision to impeach and the subsequent Senate trial.

  6. Personal and Political Challenges: The book delves into the personal and political challenges faced by Clinton, offering a nuanced understanding of his leadership style and decision-making.

  7. Media Influence: Blumenthal discusses the role of the media in shaping public perception and how the media's coverage impacted Clinton's presidency.

  8. Foreign Policy: The book touches upon Clinton's foreign policy decisions, including interventions in Bosnia and Kosovo, providing an insider's perspective on the complexities of international relations during his presidency.

  9. Legacy of the Clinton Presidency: Blumenthal assesses the legacy of the Clinton presidency, examining both its achievements and shortcomings, and how it continues to shape American politics.

  10. Influence of Advisors: The book sheds light on the influence of key advisors and staff within the Clinton administration, showcasing the dynamics and tensions that existed among the president's inner circle.

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Published Date 29 May 2003

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