Invincible Thinking.

Ryuho Okawa



Invincible Thinking is a personal development and self-help book written in English by Ryuho Okawa.

Invincible Thinking, sometimes also known as There Is No Such Thing As Defeat, is a book that helps readers clear their heads and have more peaceful and serene thoughts. The book says that a person's life can be compared to a tunnel construction, where there are often obstructions by big and solid rocks. This book aims to provide readers with a tool that allows them to powerfully drill through all of those rocks.

When readers practice this method of thinking, the book says, they will never feel overwhelmed in their lives. The book is based on practical theories that will help readers bridge self-reflection and inner nourishment. with the help of this book and by practicing and understanding the ideas and thoughts in this book, readers will be able to use their thoughts to their benefit. The book claims that once people read it, they will be able to publicly proclaim that the concept of defeat does not exist to them.

Language English
ISBN-10 81-7992-683-4
No of pages 145
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Jaico Publishing
Published Date 20 Jul 2007

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