The Deviants Advantage

Watts Wacker



Don’t be afraid of deviants. They just may save your business.

In today's challenging and sometimes puzzling business environment, deviance equals innovation--the kind of breakthrough thinking that creates new markets and tumbles traditional ones. In The Deviant's Advantage, two of America's most respected futurists show how this deviance proceeds along a traceable trajectory, explaining how and why:

• Christian fundamentalism morphed from college Bible studies to Republican party king-making

• Reebok cares more about what’s on the feet of kids in Detroit and Philadelphia than what the so-hip-it-hurts set is wearing in New York or on Rodeo Drive

• Hugh Hefner, the creator of Playboy, transformed into a cultural icon with decidedly Puritan sensibilities

Tomorrow's breakthrough concept is lurking out there right now in the mind of a deviant individual. Your choice is simple: find it and exploit it or be buried by those who do.

Language English
ISBN-10 1-4000-5000-6
No of pages 306
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Crown Business
Published Date 23 Mar 2004

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