Surviving Women

Jerry Pinto



Times have changed, and it’s hard being a man, for there is now a strange new species around: The Modern Woman—urban, independent, uncompromising, and entirely sure of her place in the world. In this guide for the CIM (Confused India Male), Jerry Pinto provides tips on how to get by in the new world—how to survive the woman you love, or the one who dumps you; your wife, or your ex-wife; your daughter; your mother; your female colleagues. Along the way, he also answers some pressing questions about manhood.

Quotes: ‘Humourous, provocative, tongue in cheek, ribald . . . Jerry Pinto has a wicked way with words’—Indian Review of Books ‘Gloriously, wickedly funny . . . [Jerry Pinto] conjures up scenes of confrontation with women with an imagination so baroque that they can’t help being screamingly funny . . . This is a tremendous book in the P.J. O’Rourke tradition’— Literary Review ‘Jerry Pinto . . . does not pontificate or sermonize. He is able to laugh at himself and everyone else, and you are able to laugh with him . . . [Surviving Women] is fun to read, bubbling with chuckle-worthy chutzpah, daffy details, titillating turns of phrase’—Biblio ‘Hilarious . . . This is a very witty, intuitive and highly perceptive book’—Femina ‘[Surviving Women] treats gender differences with frankness, humour and even, at times, tenderness’—The Statesman ‘A well-researched, racy read . . . funny and merciless towards both genders’—India Today Author Bio:

After trying out teaching mathematics, reorganizing bookshelves, peddling calcium syrups (with magnesium added), and writing the odd piece for the Sunday papers (and some very odd pieces they were too), Jerry Pinto now dotcoms with a vigour belied by his paunch and receding hairline. He also writes poetry and claims to be a paid-up member of PS (Parenthesis Anonymous)

Language English
ISBN-10 0140287159
ISBN-13 9780140287158
No of pages 192
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Penguin India
Published Date 14 Oct 2000

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