Techno Brands

Chuck Pettis


The concept of branding began almost a century ago and many of today's most successful brands, such as "Kodak" and "Coca-Cola", date from this period. This book is about the growth and development of the world's most successful brands, how they started and their current position. It describes, on a brand-by-brand basis, what makes each brand a potent force and how each brand is differentiated from its rivals. Only the world's leading brands are represented here, among them "Kellogg's", "Coca Cola", "Vegimite", "Snow Brand" and "Kodak". They have been chosen by Interbrand Group plc, a leading branding consultancy, whose main criterion for selection has been the strength of the brands' identity. There is a section on international brands in which 150 leading brands are analyzed, followed by a section on national brands in which 20 leading brands from Australia, France, Italy, Japan, the UK and West Germany, and 30 from the USA are dealt with. Supplementary to this is a chapter on 20 leading brands from countries other than those listed above. The material which is presented in this volume is designed to provide the professional reader with ideas and insights on the operations of the branding business.
Language English
ISBN-10 81-7649-480-1
No of pages 222
Book Publisher Amacom
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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