The China Investor

Cesar Bacani


In Circulation

A comprehensive guide to investing in China

The unrelenting economic and business reforms of the past two decades have unleashed vast investment opportunities across China. The China Investor explains how to navigate the risky investing waters in China, outlining the leading companies in China today. This invaluable resource offers the investor interested in investing in China a guide to the potential profits and pitfalls associated with investing in this complex market.

Cesar Felipe Bacani (Hong Kong) was the personal finance editor of Asiaweek until its demise in December 2001. He also took charge of the newsweekly’s widely followed annual listings of Asia’s top 500 banks and 1,000 biggest–selling corporations. A prizewinning poet and fiction writer, Bacani is currently a partner with The Editors Group, based in Hong Kong.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Investment Landscape: Bacani might delve into China's investment environment, discussing its evolution, regulatory framework, and market dynamics for both domestic and foreign investors.

  2. Market Opportunities: The book could highlight various investment opportunities in China, such as sectors poised for growth, emerging industries, and potential high-performing stocks or assets.

  3. Risk Management: Bacani might discuss the risks associated with investing in China, including regulatory risks, geopolitical factors, currency fluctuations, and market volatility.

  4. Government Policies and Reforms: Exploring the impact of government policies and reforms on investment strategies might be a key theme. Bacani could discuss how changes in policies influence investment decisions.

  5. Market Entry Strategies: The book might provide insights into different approaches for entering the Chinese market, whether through direct investments, partnerships, or other market entry strategies.

  6. Corporate Governance and Due Diligence: Bacani might emphasize the importance of corporate governance and due diligence when investing in Chinese companies, addressing transparency and regulatory compliance.

  7. Cultural Understanding: Understanding Chinese business culture and practices might be discussed, highlighting the significance of cultural sensitivity in successful investments.

  8. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): Exploring the landscape of foreign direct investment in China could be a central theme, discussing the opportunities and challenges faced by foreign investors.

  9. Technological Advancements: Bacani might highlight China's advancements in technology and innovation, discussing the investment potential within these sectors.

  10. Macro-Economic Trends: The book might analyze macroeconomic trends in China, providing insights into how these trends impact investment decisions and market performance.

Language English
ISBN-10 0-470-82092-6
ISBN-13 9780470820926
No of pages 232
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Book Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Published Date 17 Oct 2003

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