Knowledge @ Wharton On Building Corporate Value

Mukul Pandya & Harbir Singh



Offers a new way of looking at the perplexing circumstances surrounding business today. Knowledge@Wharton on Building Corporate Value examines the financial and strategic approaches for bringing companies back from the bleeding edge. Through a combination of research, Wharton Executive Education programs and events, and company cases and interviews with industry leaders, this book delivers epiphanies for managers who have lost their way in the e–craze. The authors provide a framework for applying more robust and rigorous approaches to financing, outsourcing, R&D, company infrastructure, and customer relationship management.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Value Creation Strategies: The book likely covers various strategies employed by successful companies to create and enhance corporate value. This includes organic growth, mergers and acquisitions, innovation, market expansion, etc.

  2. Financial Management: Insights into financial strategies like capital allocation, risk management, cost optimization, and efficient use of resources to drive value creation.

  3. Leadership and Management Practices: It likely explores effective leadership and management practices that contribute to long-term value creation, including talent management, succession planning, and organizational culture.

  4. Strategic Planning and Execution: Discussing the importance of strategic planning, execution, and adaptability in achieving sustainable growth and value.

  5. Global Perspective: Considering global trends, challenges, and opportunities impacting corporate value in a rapidly changing business environment.

  6. Technology and Innovation: The role of technology and innovation in driving value creation, including digital transformation, R&D investments, and disruptive innovation.

  7. Stakeholder Management: Addressing the significance of managing relationships with stakeholders—customers, employees, investors, communities—to sustain and grow corporate value.

  8. Ethics and Governance: Emphasizing the importance of ethical business practices and strong corporate governance in building trust and preserving long-term value.

  9. Case Studies and Real-Life Examples: Utilizing case studies and real-world examples of companies that have successfully built and sustained corporate value, offering practical insights and learnings.

  10. Adapting to Change: Recognizing the necessity for companies to adapt, evolve, and reinvent themselves in response to market dynamics, technological advancements, and other external forces.

Language English
ISBN-10 0-471-00830-3
ISBN-13 9780471008309
No of pages 227
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Published Date 15 Nov 2002

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