Love Without Spoiling, Discipline Without Nagging.

Cedric M Kenny



This one-of-a-kind book offers practical, ready-to-use guidelines to problems affecting parents and educators. It tells you everything you need to know about raising kids: whether it is childcare, healthcare or teen upbringing, the author’s deep insight into human behaviour, sprinkled with case studies and supported by the science of good parenting, makes for compelling reading.

Each section contains advice based on decades of research conducted by social scientists involving thousands of families. Family tiffs, strained relationships, children’s tantrums, schooling problems, exam stress and many more everyday parenting topics are dealt with clarity and simplicity. It not only gives hope but also shows ways to build family pride, self-esteem and the will to succeed. It holds your hand like a command friend and takes you on a journey tha’s refreshing and enriching.

Language English
ISBN-10 81-86685-86-3
No of pages 397
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Wisdom Tree
Published Date 01 Jan 2004

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Author : Cedric M Kenny

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