Mills for Sale The Way Ahead.

Darryl D'Monte


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"Darryl D'Monte, editor of MARG's latest title 'Mills For Sale: The Way Ahead', on why everybody should be concerned about the controversial mill land redevelopment issue What's the significance of this book now, when the Supreme Court has, irrevocably, withdrawn the stay granted by the Mumbai High Court on the sale of mill land? Let's face it, there is no legal recourse left, but it's important to understand the implications of the ruling.

According to the1991 Development Control Rules, all mill land developers had to surrender two-thirds of the total area for public open spaces, civic use and low cost housing. The 2001 notification under sec 37 of the MRTP Act, which the Supreme Court upheld, surreptitiously amended that two-thirds of the vacant area excluding all the structures, which leaves you with very little because mill buildings occupy a huge footprint.

Also, the court has clubbed what are known as private greens with public greens so now swimming pools and clubhouses can be passed off as open spaces. Having said that, there's still 14.5 million sq feet of mill land still undeveloped. Maybe it's wishful thinking but Charles Correa is suggesting a forum to discuss this remaining land. "

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Published Date 01 Dec 2006

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