The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers Book - 4 The Ring Goes East




For the first time, The Lord of the Rings is presented as a boxed set of seven hardcover volumes, one for each of its six parts plus a seventh volume containing maps and the appendices. Bound in black covers with the distinctive Eye of Sauron design from the original jackets embossed in red and gold foil on each volume.

Each book bears Tolkien's originally conceived title — The Ring Sets Out, The Ring Goes South, The Treason at Isengard, The Ring Goes East, The War of the Ring, The End of the Third Age — and has been specially typeset for this edition. With sales of over 50 million copies wordwide and acknowledged as the book of the century by book lovers all over the world, this commemorative edition is available for a strictly limited period and provides Tolkien lovers, fans, and collectors old and new with the perfect opportunity to own a piece of twentieth century literary history.

Language English
ISBN-10 9780007635580
No of pages 189
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Book Publisher Harper Collins Publishers

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