Bizarre Emotions

Piyush Naik



The principal of St. George’s School, Rao, announces his retirement. He declares the school will remain off during the New Year, and a farewell/New Year party will be held for three days. On hearing this, every student is happy except Nik, Neha and Sam, who are deeply angered. An anger, whose secret is only known to four hearts. Nik Arora, 19 Cute, witty and a topper. Yet he failed in 12th grade. His love is stolen from him. Sam Mahajan, 18 Handsome, humorous and a flirt. Yet he fell in true love. His Love betrayed him.

Neha Pathak, 18 Gorgeous, kind and smart. Yet she believes in true love. Her Love was never true. The New Year of 2010 changed their lives forever, and the reason behind it was one man – Rao! Now, exactly a year later, the trio decides to change his life forever. They decide to take…Revenge! Will the burning past change into a dark future? Will their friendship last forever?

Will they be able to take their revenge? Or will the cunning principal outwit them? Bizarre Emotions is a dark tale about love, friendship, heartbreaks, betrayals and vengeance.

Language English
ISBN-10 8192982777
ISBN-13 9788192982779
No of pages 200
Book Publisher Red-Ink Publishers
Published Date 15 Feb 2015

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Author : Piyush Naik


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