The Behavioral Advantage

Bacon and Pugh


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Terry Bacon and David Pugh showed how great companies outperform good ones through "behavioral differentiation" -- going beyond superior products and dependable service to connect with customers at every touchpoint.

The Behavioral Advantage broadens the concept, applying behavioral differentiation to the business-to-business arena. The best B2B companies depend on a multifront approach to business interaction, and this book reveals the secrets behind what is essentially a chess game with competitors.

To win the game, companies must develop a carefully plotted opening game, with the following internal factors being fully aligned:

  • values,
  • policies,
  • practices,
  • and behaviors.

A smart and efficient middle game lets the company build and strengthen its position, and the endgame assures victory and lays the groundwork for future business. Just as individual customers do, B2B customers remember those companies whose behavior consistently and significantly outshines even strong competitors. These firms create a lasting advantage -- and reap the profits that come with it.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Understanding Behavioral Patterns: Exploring how human behavior influences decision-making, particularly in business and organizational contexts.

  2. Behavioral Economics Applications: Discussing how biases and heuristics impact economic decisions and strategies, emphasizing their relevance in business and finance.

  3. Behavioral Psychology Insights: Highlighting psychological principles that affect behavior, motivation, and decision-making, offering strategies for leveraging these insights.

  4. Consumer Behavior and Marketing: Discussing consumer psychology and how businesses can apply behavioral insights to marketing, sales, and product development.

  5. Leadership and Team Dynamics: Exploring how understanding behavioral patterns can enhance leadership effectiveness, team collaboration, and organizational culture.

  6. Behavioral Change Strategies: Providing techniques to influence behavioral change in individuals or groups, whether in personal development or organizational change management.

  7. Decision-Making Strategies: Discussing methods to mitigate cognitive biases and errors in decision-making processes, promoting more rational and effective choices.

  8. Innovation and Design Thinking: Exploring how behavioral insights can drive innovation, creativity, and problem-solving in various industries.

  9. Behavioral Science in Policy and Governance: Discussing applications of behavioral science in public policy, governance, and societal decision-making.

  10. Ethical Considerations: Emphasizing the ethical implications of leveraging behavioral insights, promoting responsible and ethical applications in various domains.

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Published Date 19 Jun 2018

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