Air Hostess Diaries

Cyrus M Gonda



Let’s be honest. All of us has always been curious about the life of an airhostess. Women have wanted to be in their shoes, and men have wanted to be, well, in their arms. The industry has always been associated with glamour. So we take a beautiful lady who is patient, efficient, knows what to do in an emergency,has fluent communication skills and a knowledge of understanding and handling people all the time - dress her up in an immaculate uniform and there you have a potential airhostess. What is it like to have a high flying career, staying in deluxe hotel rooms, meeting new people each day from students to celebrities ? Enter the world of Priety Singh, Air Hostess Extraordinary. You will share the exciting experiences that she and her fellow cabin crew members face day in and day out. You will live the life they lead and share the bonding they forge with each other. You will be exposed to the innermost secrets of this glamourous profession as Priety records all her varied experiences and learning. Read about airline parties, boyfriend problems, house hunting pub visits and all that makes the world of an airhostess the exciting world it is - a roller coaster ride of ups, downs and round abouts.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789380227702
ISBN-13 9789380227702
No of pages 236
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Book Publisher Embassy Books
Published Date 01 Jan 2011

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