Midnight Sun

Elwood Reid


Jack, the gritty narrator of this dark, gripping novel by Elwood Reid, is a journeyman carpenter in his late twenties whose travels have led him to Alaska. When his pink slip arrives at the end of summer, he allows himself to be talked into an unusual job. Along with his best friend, Burke, Jack accepts ten thousand dollars from a dying Fairbanks man to travel into the northern wilderness and rescue his daughter from a cult. @lt;br@gt;@lt;br@gt;It doesn't take long before their trip begins to go awry, and things only get worse once they reach the cult's camp, where they are received with a hostility that quickly turns violent. Jack soon realizes that Burke knows more than he lets on about their mission and he finds himself on his own, desperately seeking a way out of the camp. Taut, riveting, and complex, @lt;b@gt;Midnight Sun@lt;/b@gt; is an arctic @lt;i@gt;Deliverance@lt;/i@gt;, a literary thriller set deep in beautiful but dark and indifferent Alaskan woods.
Language English
ISBN-10 0-385-49737-7
No of pages 271
Book Publisher Anchor Books
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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