Born in the Second Wind

Ajit Sherawat





The fortitude which won Kamlesh the cycle race had the designs of victories her future awaited. Though the battle was still her own, it was for her son Jeet to win for her. The tide takes a turn for the worse when the very people who should have been the springboard to Jeet's success, pull the ladder from right under his feet. The inconsistencies of the unjust world left her tentative and worried and her son, battered and bruised. Jeet had fallen. That's when Jeet's angel the Doppelganger emerges with the second wind, which if unleashed would take Jeet to unprecedented heights. Will he remain fallen? Will he not throw his dice in the game called life anymore? Will his courage rise with every attempt of intimidating him? Above all, will he be Born in the Second Wind?

Language English
ISBN-13 978-9382665380
No of pages 336
Book Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published Date 12 May 2015
Audio Book Length 10:23:44

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Author : Ajit Sherawat


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