The Nokia Revolution.

Dan Steinbock



Everyone knows Nokia the cell phone company, but no one really knows "about" them. What makes this company tick? How did they manage to take the competitive technology scene by storm? What did the company do before it became a global powerhouse? This book supplies an in-depth, behind-the-scenes examination of the Finnish company's history, its successful business strategies, and its breakthrough technological innovations.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Innovation and Success: Nokia's success stemmed from its innovations in mobile phones and its early leadership in the mobile industry.

  2. Adaptability: Nokia's ability to adapt and innovate in response to market changes and technological advancements played a significant role in its success.

  3. Strategic Partnerships: The book might highlight the importance of strategic partnerships and collaborations in Nokia's growth.

  4. Market Leadership: Nokia's dominance in mobile phone markets and its strategies for maintaining leadership might be explored.

  5. Organizational Culture: Nokia's corporate culture, values, and their impact on the company's success could be discussed.

  6. Challenges and Setbacks: Insights into the challenges, such as competition, changing consumer preferences, or internal dynamics, leading to Nokia's decline in the mobile phone market.

  7. Leadership and Decision-Making: Nokia's leadership decisions, strategies, and their effects on the company's trajectory might be analyzed.

  8. Lessons Learned: The book may offer insights and lessons learned from Nokia's journey that are applicable to other businesses and industries.

  9. Globalization and Market Dynamics: Nokia's global expansion and how it navigated various markets could be a focus.

  10. Legacy and Future Impact: Examining Nokia's legacy in the tech industry and its potential influence on future innovations and strategies.

Language English
ISBN-10 081440636X
ISBN-13 9780814406366
No of pages 375
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Book Publisher Amacom
Published Date 01 Jul 2001

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