Signs & Wonders

Marina Warner



Since the early 1970s, Marina Warner has been one of the most challenging, subtle and profound commentators on the culture of past and present, unravelling our webs of images, ideas and beliefs, and making new and provocative connections. This resonant collection draws together essays written over twenty-five years, offering a wide-ranging retrospective of her developing ideas.

Whether writing on Vietnam, Mrs. Thatcher, the dollar sign and the twin towers, Queen Elizabeth I and incest, weeping Madonna’s, zombies or fairytales, Marian Warner displays a rare gift for blending historical and anthropological insights with deft and perceptive readings on individual works.

Language English
ISBN-10 0-0994-3772-4
ISBN-13 978-0099437727
No of pages 516
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Book Publisher vintage
Published Date 07 Oct 2004

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