What You'll Never Learn On The Internet

Mark H Mccormack


Hugely successful businessman and bestselling author Mark H. McCormack divulges a wealth of secrets, savvy and hard-headed advice to enable anyone to put themselves in a winning position. Drawing on his own unbeatable experience and extraordinary success, McCormack focuses on the key disciplines and lessons to be learned in order to be a winner yourself. In the 15 years since his internationally bestselling What They Dont Teach You at Harvard Business School the business world has changed beyond all recognition. Today you can communicate with someone, get information, make a decision, build a brand, finance a start-up and create a personal fortune a great deal faster than ever before. What You'll Never Learn on the Internet reflects this new business world and its almost blinding speed of change. In the same inimitable style that made his previous book such an enormous success, McCormack shares the skills, techniques and wisdom gleaned from decades of experience and demonstrates his philosophy with candour and plenty of rich, real-life anecdotes. An invaluable asset for anyone reaching for success.
Language English
ISBN-10 1-86197-569-4
No of pages 218
Book Publisher Profile Books
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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