The Apple Elusionist.

Avrina Jos



Nadine Parkman has it all. She leads a fairytale life. You might think she has unicorns for pets, and secret wings that's can make her fly. But it was even better than that: a perfect family with a kind mom, a great dad and a wonderful sister.

But then the fairytale crumbles. And as Nadine stands on the rubble of her once- beautiful world, she realizes that she herself is the only reason behind her downfall. Nadine then seeks a gift: a life of escape from reality, an elusive life. And she gets exactly that: the gift of elusion.

But all gifts come with a price-tag, don't they? An enchanting tale of love, loss and longing by a teenage debutante...

Language English
ISBN-13 978-93-80154-32-9
No of pages 172
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 04 Mar 2010

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Author : Avrina Jos

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