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Highlights of India Today Hindi 5th January 2022, issue: Cover Story: 35th Anniversary Special Nayee Nasl 100 numainde Young achievers in politics, business, cinema, science and the arts who symbolise India tomorrow. Special Report: Bihar Sharabbandi Ghalib Chhuti Na Sharab Prohibition not effective in Bihar despite police and excise administrations continue crackdown on liquor mafia.

Why prohibition not working in the state? Special Report: Meerut Ka Sotiganj Toot Gaya Choor Bazaar ka Tilism Infamous Sotiganj is no longer hub of stolen auto parts business. Police crackdown on illegal auto parts shops, resulting their closer. This business was more than INR 1,000 cr per annum. Big scrape dealers and auto lifters also involved in this illegal trade.

Language Hindi
No of pages 193
Book Publisher India Today Group
Published Date 05 Jan 2022

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