Going Solo - Raising Happy Kids

Sujata Parashar



What are the challenges and advantages of single parenting?

How does single parenting affect the child and the parent?

What are some of the positive and effective single parenting techniques?

Single parent households are on the rise in the country. Moreover, the needs of a single parent household are much different than those of a dual parent household. It’s also important to note, that a large section of single parent households around the world are headed by single mothers, who are, at best, raising their children instinctively and with little knowledge or adequate support.

This trim sized handguide has been developed with insights, workable ideas and real life experiences shared by about fifty single parents. The aim of this book is to offer simple parenting tools and techniques to guide single parents in their endeavour to raise strong, capable and confident children as well as focus on their own emotional wellbeing and create a happy family.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789390869459
ISBN-13 9789390869459
No of pages 101
Book Publisher Vishwakarma Publications
Published Date 17 Sep 2021

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