The Kid Killer - An Inspector Saralkar Mystery

Salil Desai


In Circulation

“Don’t you think kidnapping and murdering a child is the most wicked crime in the world sir?” PSI Motkar remarked.

“Yes Motkar, killing a child in cold blood requires a higher level of depravity than murdering an adult,” Saralkar replied thoughtfully, "The strange paradox is that it is physically easier to kill a kid, but morally far more difficult….”

The bloated body of 11-year-old Pranjal Bhatti is found in Pune’s Mutha river, within 72 hours after he disappeared on his way to his tuition class. Intriguingly, only one ransom call was made by the kidnapper.

As Senior Inspector Saralkar and PSI Motkar take charge of the case, a baffling array of suspects and motives emerge, from the Bhatti family’s deceptively commonplace present as well as their tumultuous past.

Will the proud Pune police officers emerge triumphant? Will Saralkar be able to hunt down and nab the menacing kid-killer, who might well be guilty of ghastly pedicide, earlier too?

Language English
ISBN-10 9789354407321
ISBN-13 9789354407321
No of pages 360
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher fingerprint Publishing
Published Date 10 Feb 2023

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