Armies Of Hanuman.

Ashok K. Banker



The original Ramayana was written three thousand years ago. Now, with breathtaking imagination and brilliant storytelling, Ashok K. Banker has recreated this epic tale for modern readers everywhere Rama finally achieves victory against the rakshasas in the bloody battle of Janasthana. He now looks forward to a time of harmony in the lush environs of his retreat at Panchvati. But, as Rama soon realizes, the war is yet to be won.

Tormented by unsatiated lust, in a hellish fury, Supanakha, the demoness scorned, makes a desperate journey to the island-kingdom of Lanka. There she succeeds in reviving her comatose cousin Ravana, supreme lord of the asuras, as ruthlessly determined to seek revenge against Rama as she is. Their diabolic mission will test the very limits of Rama’s courage, skill and endurance.

Language English
ISBN-10 0-14-303348-4
No of pages 458
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Penguin Books
Published Date 24 May 2005

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