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Highlights of India Today Hindi 14th April 2021, issue:  Cover Story: BJP BJP Ki Shakti Uski Ekjutata Me Hai The current assembly elections will be a turning point for the party. If it wins in Bengal, nothing will stop its return in 2024. But if it loses, it could trigger a domino effect and jeopardize its reforms agenda. Upfront: Myanmar Refugee Dotarfa Maar Me fanse Hundreds of Myanmar refugees, most of them are police personals and their families flee to bordering state Manipur caught in crossfire.

Manipur government giving shelter to them but Center government is against to provide shelter. Upfront: Bihar Arambh Se Hi Apshakun Some of inexperienced BJP leaders who are part of government, creating unpleasant situation for the party by making inappropriate statements.  Party needs to check them. Upfront: Assam Bhupesh Ke Kandhon Par Bhaar Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh took massive campaign for congress party in this eastern state to ensure win. Party banking his organizational power. Arthat: Laut Ke Phir Na Aaye Salaried class faced ultimate blow of Covid and lockdown but nine months after opening up their jobs were never returned. Approximately 2 crore salaried class jobs were lost to Covid lockdown. These employees were paying tax to government also. Special Report: Mumbai ‘T‘Company Thane emerges as a crucial link in Bomb gate.

The suspected cops in the case had all been posted in the satellite city to Mumbai’s north. The murderer and his victim lived there too Assam Ki Jung Bantange Bodo Vote The BPF has a strong presence in Assam’s Bodoland Territorial Region, but it might face its toughest competition yet in ally-turned-rival BJP.     Bangal Ki Jung Dagmagaye Kadam Will internal rift and controversial candidate selections upset the BJP applecart in West Bengal? Tamilnadu Ki Jung Akhiri Daon AIADMK is banking on its development agenda and tall poll promises while relying on its allies to malign the DMK to win a third consecutive term Special Report: Covid Lahar Ke Thapedon Se Bachne Ki Taiyari Businesses are more resilient after a year of the pandemic, but they will be severely tested again as India battles a second wave of covid-19bracing Uttar Pradesh: Panchayat Chunav Satta Ke Semifinal Ke Daon Pench Shuru Three tires Panchayat elections will be held in 4 phases and results will come out on 2nd may.

These elections considered vastly as semifinals to assembly elections which will be going to held on Feb-March 2022. Nation: Delhi vs Center Rajdhani Par Kabja Center government vs Delhi government battle intensified with GNCTD (Amendment) Bill, 2021, passed by both houses of Parliament in late March and ratified by the President. It upends this ruling and undermines the executive writ of the elected Delhi government by mandating that the LG must clear all executive decisions of the Delhi state government.  

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