The IITians: The Story of a Remarkable Indian Institution and How its Alumni Are Reshaping the World

Sandipan Deb



The IITians: The Story of a Remarkable Indian Institution and How its Alumni Are Reshaping the World IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) is Indias biggest and most powerful brand, and arguably the toughest and most influential engineering school in the world. Since the first IIT was set up in the 1950s, thousands of initiates have walked out of the campus gates in Kharagpur, Mumbai, Chennai and elsewhere to become leaders in their chosen fields. In India they head many of the biggest and most admired professionally managed companies. Abroad, they lead giant corporations, and their feats figure in the folklore of Silicon Valley. The power that the alumni of this one bunch of undergraduate schools wields in business, academe and research is comparable to that of Cambridge and Oxford in the heyday of the British Empire. Sandipan Deb, himself an IITian, delves into his own experience and those of scores of alumni to try and explain what makes IITians such outstanding achievers. In part it may be that they cannot be anything else: only one in every hundred applicants gets admitted. Harvard, in comparison, takes one in eight. The unique village-like campuses peopled only by the super-bright and the intensely competitive hone the IITians skills further. No wonder then that when they leave the campus, IITians look upon themselves as special people, capable of competing in their field with the best in the world. And, as their record shows, succeeding.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Competitive Education Culture: The book explores the highly competitive and rigorous education system in India that leads students to aspire for admission to the prestigious IITs.

  2. IIT Alumni Success Stories: It features the stories of various successful IIT alumni who have made significant contributions in different fields, including technology, business, academia, and entrepreneurship.

  3. Global Impact: Discusses the global impact of IITians, highlighting their contributions to technology, innovation, and leadership roles in multinational corporations worldwide.

  4. Entrepreneurial Ventures: Explores how IITians have established successful startups and entrepreneurial ventures, demonstrating their ability to innovate and create impactful businesses.

  5. Challenges Faced: The book sheds light on the challenges and pressures that IIT students face, including academic pressure, mental health issues, and societal expectations.

  6. Cultural Influence: Explores the influence of IITs on Indian culture and society, discussing the role of these institutions in shaping the aspirations and mindset of Indian youth.

  7. Education System Critique: Discusses criticisms and debates surrounding the Indian education system and the impact of IITs on the broader educational landscape.

  8. Networking and Camaraderie: Highlights the strong network and sense of camaraderie among IIT alumni, showcasing the support and connections forged within this community.

  9. Diversity and Inclusivity: Explores efforts to increase diversity and inclusivity within IITs, addressing issues related to gender balance and socioeconomic diversity.

  10. Legacy and Influence: Discusses the legacy of IITs and the lasting influence of their alumni on various sectors, shaping technological advancements, policy-making, and societal changes.

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Published Date 01 Jan 2004

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