The Last Evidence

The Shadow of Karma Spans the Lifetime

Suhas Inamdar



What is the shelf-life of our Karma? Is it possible to escape from the fruits of our Karma ever? Can a meticulously built character be marred by a sin committed in the past?

Welcome to ‘The Last Evidence’.

Ramgopal, a tourist guide in New Delhi, often engages in interesting conversations with the tourists, impressing them with his vast knowledge on various subjects. However, by sheer coincidence, all the tourist’s houses are burgled before they reach home after the tour.  

As the investigation progresses, the needle of suspicion points towards Ramgopal. He flees the city and takes shelter in a remote ashram to avoid being caught. Gradually, he transforms the entire region and earns the trust and respect of the villagers.

When he is about to be rewarded by the local administration for his significant contribution in the all-round development of the village, the old investigation reaches his doorstep. Will the law catch up him? Would he be exonerated? Is he really guilty?   

This is Suhas Inamdar’s eighth book. He is back with yet another interesting tale, which has an intriguing mix of suspense, action, thrills and of course, the positive vibes.

Language English
ISBN-10 1648508871
ISBN-13 978-1648508875
No of pages 246
Book Publisher Suhas Inamdar
Published Date 31 Mar 2020

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