Tinkle Digest No.326

Rajani Thindiath



What’s Special?

• Hasan is in a foul mood because Yezdi cheated him. But when he meets The Messenger who Ran Away, Hasan is delighted that he has a chance to get back at Yezdi.

• An honest baker offends a witch which spells disaster for him. How he gets out of it reveals The Origin of the Baker’s Dozen.

• Petro gets caught eating peaches from someone else’s tree. Will being Fast on his Feet save him from his brutal punishment?

• A she-fox and a tomcat get married. But life in the jungle isn’t all what it seems to be for The Odd Couple. What will happen when wild animals challenge them?

Also starring:

Lani the seamstress ends up challenging the devil by accident. Now that the devil has accepted her challenge, who will win The Sewing Contest?

Apratim is ashamed of being The Zoo Keeper’s Son, until a school field trip turns his world upside down.

A grindstone is placed in front of a neem tree to pass off as a shrine. The tree becomes jealous of the grindstone and sets a plan in motion. Find out what it is in The Neem Tree and the Grindstone.

Suppandi is eager to please in his new job as a restaurant waiter. So eager, in fact, that he ends up in a whole load of trouble in Questions to Please.

Language English
No of pages 95
Book Publisher Amar Chitra Katha
Published Date 01 Feb 2019

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Author : Rajani Thindiath


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