Brands Rising... As Products Fall

Lubna Nafees


In Circulation

These are the Proceedings of International Conference on Brands Rising...As Products Fall held at IMT Ghaziabad during November 21-22, 2008.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Brand Value Over Product Features: Emphasizes how brand perception and value often outweigh specific product features in consumer decision-making.

  2. Emotional Branding: Explores the importance of emotional connections and storytelling in elevating brand significance beyond product functionality.

  3. Brand Experience Economy: Discusses the shift towards providing holistic brand experiences rather than focusing solely on the product.

  4. Building Brand Loyalty: Explores strategies for cultivating loyal customers who are committed to the brand beyond individual product purchases.

  5. Brand Consistency: Highlights the significance of maintaining consistency in brand messaging, imagery, and values across various touchpoints.

  6. Consumer-Centric Branding: Advocates for understanding and catering to consumer needs and desires to build successful brands.

  7. Brand Innovation: Explores how brands innovate to stay relevant and retain consumer interest amid changing market dynamics.

  8. Brand Trust and Authenticity: Discusses how trust and authenticity play a crucial role in building strong, enduring brands.

  9. Brand Resilience: Explores how brands adapt to market shifts, economic changes, and technological advancements to remain resilient.

  10. Measuring Brand Success: Discusses metrics and indicators beyond product sales that measure a brand's success, such as brand equity, sentiment, and engagement.

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Published Date 01 Jan 2008

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Author : Lubna Nafees


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