Managing People And Organization In Changing Contexts

Graeme Martin



Managing People and Organizations in Changing Contexts addresses the contemporary problems faced by managers in dealing with people, organizations and managing change in a theoretically-informed and practical way. This textbook is a contemporary and relevant alternative to the standard works that cover material on Organization Behaviour and Human Resource Management because it approaches people management from the perspective of managers and aspiring managers.

The book has an international orientation and many of the cases and examples in the book reflect this. It addresses the problems that managers face in managing people in old and new economy organisations and is interdisciplinary in its approach, including contributions from management, organisational behaviour, HRM, strategy, marketing and reputation management, and technology. This text meets the requirements of managers, leaders and students in managing people in contemporary and changing contexts.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Adapting to Change: Strategies for organizations and leaders to adapt to changing environments, including technological advancements, globalization, and market shifts.

  2. Organizational Resilience: Exploring ways to build organizational resilience to navigate uncertainty, volatility, and disruption in the business landscape.

  3. Leadership in Change: Addressing the role of leadership in guiding organizations through change, emphasizing adaptability, vision, and effective decision-making.

  4. Managing Diversity: Strategies for managing diverse workforces, including cultural, generational, and skill diversity, and leveraging it as a strength.

  5. Employee Engagement: Highlighting the importance of employee engagement during times of change and providing strategies to maintain morale and commitment.

  6. Organizational Restructuring: Exploring approaches to restructuring and organizational change management while minimizing disruption and maintaining productivity.

  7. Communication Strategies: Effective communication practices during times of change, ensuring transparency, clarity, and alignment of goals.

  8. Talent Management: Strategies for talent acquisition, retention, and development to support organizational goals amidst changing contexts.

  9. Ethical Considerations: Addressing ethical challenges in managing change and ensuring that organizational decisions align with ethical standards.

  10. Case Studies and Best Practices: Incorporating real-world examples, case studies, and best practices from organizations that have successfully navigated change.

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ISBN-10 81-312-0654-8
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Published Date 31 Jan 2006

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