The Four Greatest Coaching Conversations

Jerry Connor , Karim Hirani


In Circulation

Longlisted for Management Book of the Year 2021 Forbes #1 Book to Help You Improve Your Performance at Work Based on data and insights from over 100k virtual and in-person coaching conversations conducted by the talented coaches of global coaching company, BTS Coach, comes the first book to take BTS Coach's evidence-based coaching process to a mass audience.

In a concise, easy-to-understand manner, readers will discover 4 mindsets - Be, Relate, Think, and Inspire - that are most critical for individuals to experience deep, meaningful change, along with the process and tools for sparking their own powerful conversations to get the best out of themselves and those around them.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Coaching Mindset: Developing a coaching mindset that fosters openness, trust, and collaboration between coaches and individuals.

  2. The Power of Conversations: Understanding how specific coaching conversations can drive mindset shifts and behavioral changes in individuals and teams.

  3. Goal-Oriented Conversations: Techniques for conducting conversations that help individuals set clear, achievable goals and action plans.

  4. Feedback and Growth Conversations: Strategies for providing constructive feedback, fostering growth, and enabling continuous improvement.

  5. Challenging Conversations: Handling difficult conversations effectively, addressing barriers, and navigating resistance to change.

  6. Empowerment and Accountability: Encouraging self-accountability and empowerment through coaching conversations.

  7. Coaching for Development: Using coaching conversations to enhance skills, capabilities, and leadership development.

  8. Building Relationships: Developing rapport and trust in coaching conversations to facilitate deeper understanding and impactful change.

  9. Creating a Coaching Culture: Strategies for fostering a culture of coaching within organizations that promotes learning and development.

  10. Measuring Impact: Methods for evaluating the effectiveness of coaching conversations and their impact on individual and organizational success.

Language English
ISBN-10 1529391067
ISBN-13 978-1529391060
No of pages 224
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Book Publisher Nicholas Brealey Publishing
Published Date 06 Feb 2020

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