The Right Doctor

Kamini Kusum



Anita Reddy, the beautiful and stunning heiress to the Reddy’s Group of hospitals, is engaged to Sameer, a doctor who is chosen by her father. Sameer is a great guy and Anita wants to fall in love but something is missing.

Her life takes an interesting turn when she meets Nikhil, a brilliant cardiac surgeon who has recently joined her hospital. An instant spark lights up between them, giving rise to a passionate affair.

But, there is a twisted secret, waiting to be exploded which changes Anita’s life forever.

Who is she meant to be with– Sameer or Nikhil? And what is that secret?

Read this pacy and action-packed story!

Language English
No of pages 33
Book Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published Date 12 Feb 2022

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Author : Kamini Kusum


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